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Americans are suddenly worried about government spying


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Spin Control

The Hunter Biden whistleblower has suddenly disappeared

Joe and Hunter Biden
Image Source: Conservative Review

According to locals, the Delaware computer repairman in the center of the Hunter Biden laptop controversy has closed his shop and disappeared.

John Paul Mac Isaac claimed at the height of the 2020 election that he had a laptop that belonged to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. The computer contained emails and documents that implicated Hunter and Joe in some incredibly shady business deals with the Chinese government.

Isaac has said that he’s received non-stop death threats since he turned over the laptop to the FBI and went public with his story.

A closed sign now hangs in the window of his shuttered repair shop, and his attorney confirmed that Isaac is no longer in business.

But no one seems to know where Isaac has gone. One of his neighbors claimed he left town and never returned.

Here’s hoping Isaac didn’t run into any of Hillary Clinton’s friends.

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Americans are suddenly worried about government spying

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