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Americans want to get back to work


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Americans want to get back to work

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Image Source: USA Today

As the pandemic continues to ravage our economy, hard-working Americans want to get back to work.

From business owners to office workers, the vast majority of Americans want to be able to earn their own money. They don’t want a stimulus handout from the government, especially a handout that drives up the national debt.

Instead of locking down the country in the name of safety, the American people want to be able to earn a living, run their businesses, and take care of their families without getting bribed by Washington.

Let people make their own risk assessments about the pandemic instead of forcing them to struggle with joblessness, loneliness, and depression created by our overbearing overlords.

If pandemic regulations were really about taking care of people, we’d have already found a compromise that didn’t destroy the lives of millions of people trying to pursue the American dream.

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Everyday America

Teen starts nonprofit to make science fun for kids

Teen starts nonprofit to make science fun for kids
Image Source: Sunny Skyz

A high school senior in California started a nonprofit group that creates science kits for elementary school students.

Kits Cubed was created by Ahmed Muhammad after babysitting his niece and nephew. Muhammad wanted to show them how science could be fun, but Muhammad was met with resistance. His nephew claimed that he hated science because he wasn’t good at it.

Impacted by that experience, Muhammad decided to take action. At the onset of the pandemic, Muhammad was taking online classes when he decided to start Kits Cubed to bring hands-on science experiments to kids who were forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. The kits quickly became a hit. Now, Muhammad’s endeavors have helped him land an acceptance letter to Stanford.

It’s always awesome to see young people combine their passions with entrepreneurship in order to help make the world a better place. Hopefully, Ahmed’s kits get even more attention now!

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