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Biden blunders during an anti-gun rant in NH. Check out what he said.


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Biden Goes On Incoherent Rant About Gun Control

During a campaign rally in Concord, New Hampshire, Joe Biden launched into an odd and confusing rant on gun control.

While Biden claims he supports the Second Amendment, he quipped, “nobody says you can have a magazine with 100 clips in it,” erroneously referring to bullets as clips.

Ol’ Joe realized his mistake, however, and corrected it.

Biden has repeatedly stated his desire to confiscate AR-15 type rifles and high-capacity magazines from law-abiding citizens.

Ol’ Joe can’t have it both ways, though. He can’t claim to be a supporter of the Second Amendment while also supporting the idea of taking legal guns from citizens who aren’t hurting anyone.

What do you think? Does Joe Biden support the Second Amendment?

Yes or No ?

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White House Watch


President Issues Statement on 244th Birthday of US Marine Corps

Yesterday, President Trump issued a statement commemorating the 244th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

Since 1775, the US Marines have been a primary fighting force, defending US interests across the globe.

Trump noted the commitment to duty, fearlessness, and integrity of US Marines. He commended them for being an invaluable asset in defending the American way of life and our freedom.

The president concluded his statement with a prayer that God would watch over all of the men and women in the United States Armed Forces.

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Spin Control

Democrats Hypocritical Over Impeachment Inquiry Witness List

Last week, Republicans submitted a list of witnesses they’d like to see come before the impeachment inquiry.

In response, Democrats dismissed the list outright.

Why? Probably because at the top of the list was Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden.

Hunter held a board position at a Ukrainian gas and energy company and is central to the Trump Ukraine phone-call controversy.

Democrats have claimed that Trump pressured Ukraine officials to investigate the younger Biden’s connection with the company or face a hold on military aid to the area.

It’s worth noting that Ukraine was already in the process of investigating Hunter Biden and his company until the investigating prosecutor was fired after pressure from Hunter’s father, Joe Biden.

The Democrats claim to be searching for the truth. If that’s true, then wouldn’t it make sense for Hunter Biden to testify?

What’s your opinion? Should Hunter Biden testify before the public impeachment inquiry?

Yes or No ?

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Everyday America


ND Brewery Features Shelter Dogs On Its Beer Cans

Fargo Brewing Company in North Dakota partnered with a local dog shelter to bring attention to some of their harder to adopt dogs.

The brewery now prints pictures of the canines on their beer cans to help facilitate adoption. So far, the reaction from the community has been heartwarming according to the brewery and the shelter.

A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to the shelter.

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