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Biden wants to be best friends with this communist nation


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Before he was president, Trump warned us about this

Donald Trump
Image Source: Fox News

Way back in 2012, Donald Trump warned all of us about the growing threat of election fraud. The president recently retweeted his original comments on the matter, showing that voter fraud has been a concern for him from the beginning.

Liberals would have you think the president only recently voice concern about the integrity of our elections, but that’s a lie.

Before he was president, Trump even raised the alarm over voting machines switching Republican votes to Democratic ones. And now we’re dealing with the same problem.

Of course, the mainstream media ignores the fact that the president was right eight years ago and that he’s right today.

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Biden wants to be best friends with this communist nation

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While everyone has been distracted by the coronavirus, a new type of war is erupting in America.

It’s got nothing to do with our political parties–but will DEFINITELY affect you and your money.

You must now choose which side you’ll be on.

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Everyday America

A country music legend helped fund vaccine research

Dolly Parton
Image Source: CNN

A legendary country music singer can add pandemic savior to her list of accomplishments now.

Dolly Parton’s $1 million donation to Nashville’s Vanderbilt University Medical Center directly funded the development of Moderna’s groundbreaking coronavirus vaccine.

Parton’s name showed up in the university’s official donor documentation, which is where Moderna is holding its vaccine trials. The drugmaker recently revealed that its vaccine appears to be nearly 95% effective at protecting from coronavirus infections.

It doesn’t get more American than Dolly Parton saving the day!

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