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Biden wants to take even more of your money…


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Republican states slam SOCTUS over Obamacare ruling

The Supreme Court
Image Source: Fox News

Texas and other Republican-led states slammed the Supreme Court’s decision to preserve the Affordable Care Act, claiming that the decision overlooked the essential question of whether Obamacare was constitutional.

“Obamacare was sold on a lie to the American people. Its crown jewel, the individual mandate, was unconstitutional when it was enacted and it is still unconstitutional,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in response to the ruling. “Yet, seven justices decided to avoid the question of the constitutionality by limiting its decision to a ruling on standing.”

The Supreme Court decided 7-2 to dismiss the case brought by a group of 18 states and two individuals, marking the third time a GOP-led effort to repeal Obamacare has failed. The judges decided that states lacked standing to bring their case to federal court in their judgment.

President Biden, of course, praised the court’s decision.

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President Biden wants even more of your money

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Everyday America

Woman’s wallet found by kind stranger after 46 years

A woman looking through an old wallet
Image Source: ABC News

After an employee working on the renovation of Southern California’s historic Majestic Ventura Theater discovered it in a crawl space, a woman was reunited with a wallet she had lost 46 years ago.

Tom Stevens said he used social media to try to track down the owner based on clues in the wallet, which included old photos, a 1973 Grateful Dead concert ticket, and Colleen Distin’s outdated California driver’s license.

Colleen Distin, who grew up in Ventura and still lives there, received word after hundreds of shares. She stated she received a lot of feedback online and a phone call regarding the post.

Distin said it was like unlocking a “time capsule” when she went to pick up the red wallet, which had become brown with age.

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