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CNN Legal Analyst: “Trump Won”


February 1, 2020

Daily DC Insider

GOP Blocks Witnesses, Acquittal Vote Expected Wednesday

On Friday evening, Senate Republicans successfully defeated a motion to call witnesses in the impeachment trial, effectively ending the formal proceedings and setting the stage for a Trump acquittal.

The vote, 51-49, sealed the deal on preventing new witnesses such as John Bolton from testifying before the Senate.

This coming Monday and Tuesday will consist of closing arguments from both sides, with an expected up-or-down vote on impeachment to be held on Wednesday.

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Sanders and Biden Tied In Latest Poll

In the latest national poll, 27% of Democrat voters said they plan to vote for Bernie Sanders, while 26% said they’d go with Joe Biden.

Elizabeth Warren fell far behind, polling at just 15%.

The poll highlights a generational and ideological divide that is growing within the Democratic party.

Sanders is popular with younger, far-left voters while Biden has the support of older and more traditional Democrat voters.

The upcoming Iowa caucus will give us an early view as to who the Democrat base really supports.

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What do you think? Is Sanders or Biden more likely to become the Democrat nominee?
Sanders or Biden?


Spin Control

CNN Legal Analyst: “Trump Won”

Following Friday’s vote in the Senate, which killed any hopes of Democrats bolstering their weak case with new witnesses, CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst Jeffery Toobin was asked to share his thoughts on what the vote meant in the big impeachment picture.

“Trump won,” Toobin declared. “I mean, you know, he’s going to win this trial. He won on the issue of witnesses. He’s gonna get acquitted, and that is how history will remember what went on here.”

The Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. They failed to call witnesses that were relevant to their case. Instead, they pontificated and bloviated about their personal feelings toward Trump. And the charges brought against the president weren’t even impeachable offensives. This entire charade was doomed from the beginning.

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Club of Friends Who Have Never Missed a Super Bowl Head to Miami for LIV

The “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club” is continuing their streak this year by traveling to Miami to see the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV.

The founding members of the group, Tom Henschel, 78, and Don Crisman, 83, both attended what would later be known as Super Bowl I.

The two happened to meet one day while waiting in line for Johnny Carson tickets. They both discovered their connection to the Super Bowl and the club was born.

Since then, Henschel and Crisman, with a few surviving members of the club, haven’t missed a Super Bowl.

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