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Democrats To Hold Sham Vote On Impeachment Hearing


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Democrats To Hold Sham Vote On Impeachment Hearing

In an attempt to put lipstick on a proverbial pig, Democrats have announced they plan to hold a formal vote on the ongoing impeachment inquiry.

It’s been over 30 days since Speaker Pelosi began the inquiry. The vote, scheduled for Thursday, is seen as political backtracking by many pundits. Why does a vote now matter, unless the Democrats realize they don’t have any actual evidence worthy of impeachment?

According to Pelosi, the floor vote is meant to formalize the proceedings to guarantee the White House’s cooperation regarding documents, subpoenas, and testimony.

I don’t know about you, but it sure sounds to me like the proceedings have turned up empty so far, and the Democrats are trying to dig up anything they can.

Read Pelosi’s announcement and the GOP response for yourself here. Steve Guest’s take is spot on!


White House Watch

President Issues Executive Order Creating New Commission On Law Enforcement

In a show of support for American law enforcement, President Trump issued an executive order on Monday, establishing a new Commission of Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice.

The commission will serve to link the federal Department of Justice and local law enforcement organizations to better serve the American people. The commission will also establish guidelines for training, hiring, and retaining police officers, especially in rural areas.

Trump’s order assigns the Attorney General the duty to further research issues impacting law enforcement and the application of justice in the American judicial system.

I think you’ll enjoy reading the order, as it details the commission’s responsibilities and expectations. Take a minute to read it here, straight from the president himself.


Spin Control

Idea Of Barr Recusing Himself From Ukraine Probe Is Ridiculous

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein has recently claimed that Attorney General Barr should recuse himself from all proceedings related to the Ukraine kerfuffle.

Such a ridiculous claim deserves condemnation, especially coming from Feinstein.

You might remember the role that Feinstein played in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. Feinstein had a conflict of interest during those high profile hearings, yet she didn’t recuse herself.

In typical Liberal fashion, the Democrats are trying to play every possible angle in getting the Ukraine issue to stick to President Trump. And in the process, their hypocrisy is showing.

If there was something to this, they wouldn’t have to fight so hard to make it stick.

You’ll appreciate Andrew McCarthy’s take on the whole issue. You can read it here.


Everyday America

Traveling Couple Leaves $1000 Tip At Ohio Restaurant

In an impressive show of generosity, a couple making their way through Ohio left a waitress a $1000 tip after their “wonderful” dinner.

After their meal, the husband left a $100 tip for the couple’s waitress because of the excellent service she provided. When the waitress double-checked to make sure the amount was not a mistake, the man confirmed the tip amount.

Before leaving, however, the man ordered a bottle of wine to go and left an additional $970 tip.

The waitress chased the couple down as they left, thinking the tip amount was another mistake. “She was literally shaking,” the owners reported when she discovered it was, indeed, real.

You can read the entire remarkable story here.

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