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Did AOC really just say that about January 6th?


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Obama’s former CIA chief just dropped a truth bomb on the left

John Brennan
Image Source: The Gateway Pundit

Former CIA head John Brennan recently warned about the far left’s rhetoric and dangers, and the mainstream media is still reeling from Obama’s former CIA chief’s unexpected remarks.

“I am concerned about some of this rhetoric that’s coming from the Left,” Brennan said during a recent discussion.

Brennan acknowledged people who fit under the “broad category of Antifa” but said politicians should be more careful with their language, lest political opponents utilize them to worsen the partisan gap in the US.

This is particularly remarkable given that Brennan is a far-left figure who has contributed to the idea that Trump supporters are dangerous.

Things are finally getting so bad that even liberal DC establishment politicians are starting to question the left’s approach to just about everything.

If this continues, the left will have no choice but to deal with what’s happening to its political ideology. A continued push to the far left will result in disaster.

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A brilliant man by the name of Chris Rowe is making a strong prediction…

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Everyday America

A woman honors her late son in a very kind way

A handwritten note
Image Source: Carolyn P Mick

A mother from Indiana who lost her son five years ago is honoring him by encouraging people to spread compassion one random deed at a time.

Carolyn Mick was the recipient of that woman’s random act of kindness when she went to pay for her son’s birthday cake at a Plainfield Kroger grocery store on Sunday and discovered that it had already been paid for by a stranger.

The woman also left Mick a letter, which was eventually shared in the Plainfield Chatter Facebook group. The only clue to the stranger’s identity was the first name.

Toni’s message received a lot of positive feedback from Facebook users, who applauded her for her thoughtful gesture. In addition, several of them admitted to knowing Toni and her son Tyler and confirmed Toni’s kind nature.

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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