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Here’s what Dr. Fauci needs to do to get more people vaccinated


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House Democrats call for mandatory vaccinations for lawmakers and staff

The Capitol
Image Source: The Blaze

Over a dozen members of the House Democratic caucus are pushing for a rule requiring members of Congress and personnel of the United States Capitol facility to get vaccinated against coronavirus or be tested twice a week if they do not.

“We feel the utmost responsibility to prioritize the safety of our staff, just as any employer should feel towards those who report to them,” said a letter written by the Democratic team.

But if vaccinated people still have to wear masks indoors, then why should lawmakers want to get vaccinated when they’re already forced to mask up while at work?

Liberals’ approach to this whole pandemic has been contradictory and confusing since the beginning.

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Here’s what Dr. Fauci needs to do to get more people vaccinated

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Everyday America

Single mom finds life-saving kidney donor from stranger on social media

Kim Shufelberger and her organ donor Brittany Clark
Image Source: Saint Luke’s Hospital

A social networking meeting saved the life of a woman from Kansas.

Kim Shufelberger, 44, of Olathe, was diagnosed with chronic renal disease while pregnant in 2006.

Doctors informed Shufelberger she shouldn’t be having a kid after her diagnosis, she claimed. But Shufelberger’s daughter is currently 14 years old.

Shufelberger noted that obtaining a living kidney donor “seemed impossible” because the chances of matching even with a close relative are only 25%.

And thanks to an encounter on social media, Shufelberger’s life changed forever. Check out the rest of the amazing story here!

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