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Is racism becoming a serious public health problem? This government agency says yes


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State attorneys general threaten lawsuits against Biden’s gun control orders

Joe Biden
Image Source: ABC

The attorneys general from multiple states are threatening lawsuits against the Biden administration over his planned executive orders on gun control.

The AGs from West Virginia, Arkansas, and Montana are ready to take legal action against the president’s orders.

“As attorney general, I will push back against Biden’s gun grab,” announced Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

And the AG for West Virginia reiterated that protecting the Second Amendment is one of his state’s “most important priorities.”

Conservative lawmakers are also speaking out against the plan to introduce more gun control via executive action, calling the move nothing but liberal posturing and a clear attempt to exert more government control over the American people.

With the announcement of Biden’s executive orders, you can bet Americans are about to drive firearm sales through the roof as they fear even more gun control measures are likely to come soon.

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Everyday America

Why this Florida man is driving a lawnmower across the state

Chip Hawthorne
Image Source: Main Street Mower/Facebook

A Florida man is making quite the trip on a lawnmower, and it’s all for a good cause.

Chip Hawthorne is determined to drive his lawnmower 130 miles across the state of Florida to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. He began on Thursday on Highway 50 and recently drove through downtown Orlando during his journey.

Hawthorne live-streamed his trek through Orlando on his Main Street Mower Facebook page. 

Hawthorne is doing it all to show love for Habitat for Humanity. His goal is to raise $500,000.

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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