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Is the president finally out of options?


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Is the president finally out of options?

Is the president finally out of options?
Image Source: The Daily Wire 

During an interview with Fox and Friends on Sunday, President Trump made it clear that he’s not done fighting the election results.

But with Friday’s Supreme Court loss and the fact that electors are officially casting their votes today, it’s hard to guess what exactly Trump plans to do.

Regardless, Trump claims that the fight isn’t over and his legal team will press on.

The president lashed out at the Supreme Court for deciding that Texas lacked legal standing to sue four battleground states that had numerous problems on election night.

While Republican members of the House could challenge the electoral college vote, it would require a Republican colleague in the Senate to do the same.

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A Texas mom helps deliver special letters from Santa

A Texas mom helps deliver special letters from Santa
Image Source: Fox News

A Texas mom is making sure the children of healthcare workers at the front lines of the ongoing pandemic have a special Christmas by helping to deliver letters from Santa.

The heartwarming gesture is meant to help kids dealing with their hardworking parents who may not be able to celebrate with them on Christmas day as they work diligently to save lives across the country.

Hopefully, a warmhearted letter from Old Saint Nick himself will help!

For the complete details of this touching tale of holiday spirit, be sure to read more here!

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