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Is this the beginning of the end for the filibuster?


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Today is a critical day for the future of the filibuster

Chuck Schumer
Image Source: Susan Walsh

Today could be the start of the dismantling of the Senate filibuster if Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats have their way.

The Senate is expected to take a procedural vote on the bill to create a commission to investigate the January riots on Thursday. That vote requires 60 affirmative votes. A few Republican senators are expected to vote to start the discussion, joining all Democrats. However, it is unlikely that they will get the full 60 votes.

Democrats will then accuse Republicans of trying to hide the facts of the Capitol Hill riot. They’ll likely bring up Donald Trump multiple times, trying their best to start an argument.

And then Democratic leaders will turn to their colleagues and say that the failure to pass the January 6th commission bill is why the filibuster must end.

To be honest, it’s a smart strategy. Only two Democratic senators have pledged to uphold the filibuster. If they can be convinced to change their minds, it’s game over.

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Everyday America

An anonymous donor is helping these students pay for college

Jordan Barbas, left, and Evan Walker, right, recently graduated from Centennial High School in Georgia.
Image Source: CBS News

Some students’ out-of-control tuition fees have been reduced thanks to an anonymous contributor. Three years ago, the donor established a scholarship to encourage Black football players in Georgia to achieve straight A’s.

Jordan Barbas and Evan Walker, both recent Centennial High School grads, agreed that the money had the desired effect.

“I was like, it’s real?” Barbas said of the scholarship. “Money talks,” Walker added. “Money can really change the way you view life.”

The school’s athletic director, Jeff Burch, said the unknown donor pledged $1 million the very first year. “If the kids earn it, he wants to give it,” said Burch.

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