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Joe Biden’s Mind Melts, Spins Wild Conspiracy


White House Watch

President Trump signs $484B small business coronavirus relief bill into law


Joe Biden’s Mind Melts, Spins Wild Conspiracy About Post Office Funding and Trump Postponing the 2020 Election

Pence Predicts When We Could Be Out of This Coronavirus Nightmare

Trump Invites Michigan Democrat Facing Censure to Join GOP

White House trashes media for taking President Trump ‘injection’ remarks out of context

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Could This Crisis Last 18 Months?

Take a look at this government document…because if you think this current crisis will be over soon, this will surprise you.

Click here to get the details on how you can protect yourself and see why the government is planning for the worst… an 18-month crisis.

This is coming straight from a former CIA and Pentagon advisor…

And you won’t believe the analysis of what I found on page four of this official government plan.

In short, after analyzing this government plan to combat the coronavirus…

I’m warning every day Americans about the catastrophic events that could shake America to its core.

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