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Judge tosses out the latest Trump lawsuit


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Judge tosses out the latest Trump lawsuit

Donald Trump
Image Source: Fox News

President Donald Trump’s last-minute legal bid to overturn the 2020 election result in Georgia was denied by a federal judge on Tuesday.

Ruling from the bench, U.S. District Judge Mark Cohen rejected the president’s request for an emergency injunction to order the state legislature to choose a new slate of electors before the mandated congressional count takes place today.

The ruling is the latest in a string of defeats for Trump’s legal team as the clock quickly approaches midnight on their attempts to prove election fraud occurred.

Trump has been adamant that he won Georgia due to a sudden surge in ballots for Biden after polls closed on election day. While many Americans agree with the president over the handling of the election, Trump’s lawyers haven’t convinced the courts.

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Everyday America

This Kentucky business is giving back to front-line workers

The CoffeeHouse
Image Source: Kyle Melvin

A Kentucky coffee bar owner knows first-hand what it means to struggle during the pandemic. That’s why he decided to give frontline workers free coffee for a month.

Kyle Melvin bought The CoffeeHouse just months before the pandemic hit the US. He was able to adapt and stay in business. That’s why Melvin decided to give back to those working at the frontlines of the pandemic every day. 

Melvin and his landlord came up with the idea as a way to help Melvin keep his bar open during the height of the shutdown orders. Once it gained steam, Melvin ran with the idea and now plans to keep it going through the end of January.

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