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Lawmakers are wanting to spend even more tax dollars in the name of economic stimulus


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Lawmakers are wanting to spend even more tax dollars in the name of economic stimulus

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A growing number of lawmakers are embracing the idea of recurring payments to Americans until the economy is fully recovered.

The push came even before the first round of checks from the latest stimulus package were sent out.

But when will the economy fully recover? While we see improvement and the Federal Reserve is happy with what they see, it could be a couple more years before the economy fully bounces back from the hit it took during the pandemic.

According to the group of lawmakers from both the House and Senate, a steady stream of income from the government will help American households better prepare for the coming economic shift. 

Of course, we all know that this is simply a way to get American’s used to the idea of living off government money. It’s something the left has dreamed of for decades.

It’s the first major step in socializing our entire economic system. And let’s be honest – our free market system hasn’t been “free” for a long time.

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