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Media fact-checking is just a joke


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Did the White House communications director just quit?

White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah
Image Source: The Blaze

White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah has announced her resignation.

In her resignation letter, Farah referred to the administration in the past tense. She wrote that she is “deeply proud of the incredible things we were able to accomplish to make our country stronger, safer, and more secure.”

Farah, 31, began her time in the Trump administration as vice president Mike Pence’s press secretary, then took a position at the Defense Department before rejoining the White House in April. 

Is the former secretary admitting defeat and looking to move on to greener pastures?

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Media fact checking is just a joke

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Everyday America

An Amazon driver saved elderly man from burning home

A burning home
Image Source: NY Post 

A Florida Amazon delivery driver who was dropping off packages saved the life of an elderly man by rescuing him from his burning home.

Sean Campbell, 23, was making his deliveries in New Smyrna Beach, Florida , northeast of Orlando, last week Friday, when he suddenly heard screaming in the street he was driving down.

He quickly dropped what he was doing and ran towards the scene where flames were shooting out from the windows of the home. He also heard a terrified woman yelling for help.

That’s when Sean jumped into action. Check out the full story here!

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