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More lawmakers join movement to challenge electoral college


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More lawmakers join movement to challenge electoral college

Donald Trump walking down the stairs of the White House
Image Source: WND

Over a dozen GOP Congress members have joined the fight to challenge the electoral college vote. The lawmakers pledge to object to the official vote submission on January 6th, which could trigger a vote in the House.

If the electoral college results are rejected, and a House vote happens, each state delegation gets one vote to determine the president. Right now, Republicans hold a majority of the state delegations.

It’s a long shot, but not entirely out of the realm of possibility. But for it to work, a corresponding member of the Senate would have to join with a member of the House in objecting to the electoral college results. While no senator has openly agreed, Rand Paul and Tommy Tuberville have both hinted they may do it.

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Everyday America

Military kids decorate masks for front-line heroes

Military kids decorate masks for front-line heroes
Image Source: Christy Hanbyul Na

A group of children who have parents serving in the armed forces worked together to make masks for frontline workers to show appreciation for everything the heroes are doing during the pandemic, especially over the holidays.

Thanks to their efforts, over 100 masks have been created and distributed to local nurses, doctors, and delivery drivers in Sacramento.

The masks were combined with gift bags full of candy and thank you notes to remind frontline workers that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Be sure to read the entire story here!

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