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People are finally confronting hypocritical politicians


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The Trump campaign distances itself from this lawyer

Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani at a press conference
Image Source: Fox News

In a sudden about-face, the Trump campaign distanced itself from attorney Sidney Powell over the weekend after she made multiple statements on behalf of Trump about evidence of voter fraud.

In a tweet from last week, Trump included Powell in a list of his campaign’s lawyers.

Over the last few days, Powell has made bold claims about bombshell evidence that proves Democrats engaged in election fraud across the country in an attempt to steal the election from Trump.

Interestingly, Rudy Giuliani appeared with Powell during a particularly controversial press conference.

There’s been no further clarification from the Trump campaign.

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People are finally confronting hypocritical politicians

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Everyday America

DC marines save woman’s life in freak accident

DC marines saving a woman underneath a vehicle
Image Source: Fox News

Marines stationed at barracks in Southeast DC put their first-class training into action earlier this month after a woman on a scooter became trapped underneath a vehicle during an accident.

The incident occurred just outside the barracks. A vehicle had reportedly collided with a woman on a scooter, pinning her underneath.

The marines witnessed the accident and immediately jumped into action.

Check out the video of their heroic feat here!

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