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Polls Show Americans Aren’t Convinced By Impeachment Inquiry


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Polls Show Americans Aren’t Convinced By Impeachment Inquiry

Recent polls released last week show that Americans aren’t swayed by the Democrats’ efforts to impeach Trump.

In a YouGov poll conducted for the Huffington Post, 45% of Americans support impeachment, while 42% don’t. The gap has closed when compared to October polling with a 47%-38% split.

A poll conducted by Reuters found similar results, with a 44%-40% split, for impeachment and against, respectively. The same survey shows a 2% close in the gap from previous polls.

That spells trouble for Democrats, as they’re barely holding the line with pro-impeachment American’s while losing moderates to the anti-impeachment side. The current pro-impeachment numbers are the same as when polling occurred long before the Ukraine call became public knowledge.

Additionally, a separate YouGov/HuffPost poll shows that 49% of Americans disapprove of the Democrats’ handling of the inquiry, with 44% approving.

What do you think? Have the Democrats handled the impeachment issue well?

Yes or No?

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White House Watch


White House Announces Recipients of Arts and Humanities Medals

The White House announced on Sunday the recipients of the National Medal of Arts and National Medal of Humanities.

The medals, presented by the president, are the most prestigious national honors of the arts and humanities in the United States.

Some of the honorees for the Arts medal include Bluegrass artist Alison Krauss, actor Jon Voight, and The Musicians of the United States Military.

The list of recipients for the Humanities medal includes famous author James Patterson and The Claremont Institute.

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Spin Control

Alleged Whistleblower Has Ties To Soros

Eric Ciaramella, primarily believed to be the secret whistleblower in the Trump impeachment saga, has been linked to George Soros thanks to uncovered Obama-era emails.

After Real Clear Investigations suggested that Ciaramella was likely the Ukraine whistleblower, emails were discovered that showed Ciaramella received insider emails on Ukraine policy from the director of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The emails detailed Soros’ travels throughout Europe, including his meetings with high ranking officials, diplomats, and staffers in the Obama administration.

In many of the messages, it was revealed that Soros was privately meeting with the Ukraine prime minister.

The existence of these communications shows that Soros had a direct line to Obama officials on Ukrainian policy matters.

The emails were part of a Freedom of Information Act release last year. The Ukraine connection wasn’t realized until Trump’s phone call started making headlines.

I wonder if this information will see the light of day in the impeachment inquiry?

What do you think? Does George Soros have something to do with the impeachment push?

Yes or No?

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Everyday America


WWII Vet Finally Receives High School Diploma

After more than 70 years, Corporal Lewie Shaw has finally graduated high school after he left to fight for his country.

The 95-year-old World War II veteran, a marine, fought in Tinian, Saipan, and Iwo Jima.

Shaw was wounded while serving his country overseas.

After returning home, Shaw worked for a lumber company for 30 years, never finishing high school.

That changed this month when Shaw donned his regalia on top of his uniform and received his diploma.

You can check out the full heartwarming story below:

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