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Supreme Court Sides With Trump Over Immigration


January 28, 2020

Daily DC Insider

Supreme Court Sides With Trump Over Immigration

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Trump administration policy that restricts immigration to those who are likely to support themselves without government welfare.

The 5-4 ruling clears the way for the government to begin enforcing the so-called “public charge” rule, which allows the US to deny entry to people it deems likely to rely on government assistance.

Monday’s SCOTUS ruling removes a nationwide injunction placed on the rule by a federal judge in New York last year.

What do you think? Should the US deny entry to people likely to live off of government welfare?

Yes or No?

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White House Watch


Six GOP Senators To Watch As Impeachment Trial Moves Forward

While the majority of Republican senators seem to be holding the line when it comes to standing with President Trump during the impeachment trial, six GOP senators are being watched very closely.

Senators Lamar Alexander, Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, Martha McSally, Lisa Murkowski, and Mitt Romney all have public criticisms of the president and his policies.

As the impeachment trial moves along, many wonder how many of these possible rogues will vote to allow additional witnesses. And even more importantly, how many will refuse to vote to acquit?

One crucial factor to consider is that Collins, Gardner, and McSally are all up for reelection this year. If they break from the rest of the party during the trial, their defeat in November is assured.

What do you think? Will all GOP senators vote to acquit?

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Spin Control

Dershowitz: House Impeachment Charges Invalid

Alan Dershowitz, a Constitutional scholar and criminal defense lawyer on Trump’s impeachment defense team, scolded the House for trying to impeach the president with invalid accusations.

Dershowitz appealed to history when he argued that the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress did not rise to the level of high crimes or misdemeanors as spelled out in the Constitution.

“This is the key point in this impeachment case … purely non-criminal conduct including ‘abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of Congress’ [the charges against Trump] are outside the range of impeachable offenses,” said Dershowitz during the senate trial on Monday.

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Everyday America


Good Samaritan Returns $27K Found In Street

George Condash found a big ol’ box of cash outside an ATM at a Michigan credit union while driving by. Security footage shows Condash putting the money in his car and driving away. 

What the video doesn’t show, however, is that Condash was parking his car at the nearby Westland Federal Credit Union.

He then proceeded to walk into the credit union and place the box of $27,000 on the counter.

Condash jokingly asked if there was a reward for returning the money.

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