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The future of the country depends on Georgia


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The future of the country depends on Georgia

The future of the country depends on Georgia
Image Source: Conservative Review

As Georgia voters head to the polls on January 5th for the Senate runoff election, they’ll take the future of our country into their hands.

That election is the only hope that Democrats have of controlling the Senate. If they win and Biden is in the White House, they’ll be able to ram through any far-left legislation they desire.

Biden will become a puppet to his party’s progressive wing, taking orders from the socialists that want to dictate every detail of our lives.

But if the GOP can hang on, we’ll at least have a check against a Biden administration and the House.

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Everyday America

Cleveland restaurant shocked by massive tip

Image Source: Google Maps

A local restaurant in Cleveland received a holiday surprise as it was voluntarily closing due to the increase of coronavirus cases in Ohio.

Brendan Ring, who owns Nighttown, said that he was having lunch at his restaurant when a regular customer came over and left a $3,000 tip on his check.

At first, the owner thought it was a mistake, but the patron confirmed it was legit. He told Ring to share it with everyone working there that night.

Be sure to check out the details of this story of real generosity here!

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