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The new immigration policy is putting America last


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Jan 29, 2021


Daily DC Insider

How Democrats plan to steal the Senate for good

How Democrats plan to steal the Senate for good

Image Source: Washington.org

With Democrats practically in control of the entire government, the party is working to make sure they can keep it as long as possible. Liberals have formally introduced a bill that would begin the process of granting statehood to DC. Of course, this means the Senate would gain two more Democratic senators. What a coincidence.

Let’s call this for what it is: a blatant power grab. Democrats don’t care about the people of DC. Look at how they’ve completely ignored the district’s residents every time they’ve been in power. This isn’t about fair representation. It’s about being able to push an agenda that most Americans disagree with.

DC is so politically isolated from the rest of the country that it almost doesn’t feel like a part of the real America. And that’s ironic given it’s our capital. If the bill passes, it’s game over for traditional American ideals.

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Everyday America

Community teams up to restore this veteran’s home

Community teams up to restore this veteran's home
Image Source: Military Order of the Purple Heart, San Antonio 1836/Facebook

When a 94-year-old World War II veteran found himself in need, his local community banded together to help him out. Alfred Guerra, a recipient of both the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for acts of bravery while serving his country, never flinched when it came to defending America. But after his son passed away, Guerra found it challenging to complete simple repairs to his home.

When the house became uninhabitable, his daughter reached out on social media for help. San Antonio soon responded. Fellow veterans showed up in droves to get the home back up to code.

Be sure to follow the progress of this incredible act of kindness and community charity!

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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