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These voters are considering an election boycott


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Governor Cuomo just lost a major SCOTUS case

Governor Cuomo just lost a major SCOTUS case
Image Source: CNN

In a major loss for New York Governor Cuomo, the Supreme Court sided with religious institutions and ruled that Cuomo’s coronavirus restrictions unfairly targeted religious institutions.

The 5-4 ruling granted an emergency injunction to churches and synagogues that have seen their worship services severely restricted under Cuomo’s orders.

Even worse, Cuomo made it clear during multiple press conferences that he was singling out Orthodox Jews. That didn’t sit well with the court.

Still, Chief Justice John Roberts yet again sided with the court’s liberal justices. Thankfully, the newly-confirmed Justice Barrett agreed with the remaining conservative members of the court.

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Alabama mail carrier surprises birthday boy with a gift

Alabama mail carrier surprises birthday boy with a gift
Image Source: MSN

Chip Matthews loves picking up the mail. And he loves it even more now. For his sixth birthday, mail carrier Tawanna Purter surprised him with a dollar bill and four quarters — a small fortune for a child.

Chip has treasured the money and is saving up to buy a Spider-Man action figure. His mom, Bonnie, says the kind gesture also gave the Opelika, Alabama, family hope during the pandemic when she lost her job as a school counselor.

You can read the full story here!

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