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Things are heating up between China and the US. Here’s why


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Independent voters gave Biden’s Afghanistan speech this failing grade

Joe Biden
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Joe Biden’s speech about the Afghanistan debacle was horrible. Not even the mainstream media was willing to defend it. But the most telling thing about the speech was the reaction from independent voters.

According to recent polling, the majority of independent voters gave Biden a big ol’ “F” while watching him attempt to explain away what happened in Kabul. For the most part, the voters didn’t believe Biden when he said the buck stops with him.

Overall, independent voters felt that Biden spent too much time blame-shifting and no time explaining what actually happened in Afghanistan. They saw Biden’s speech as an attempt to make excuses for what happened instead of trying to own up to the failure and work to fix it.

This is bad news for the Biden administration and Democrats as a whole. If they lose enough independent voters, 2022 will be a bloodbath at the polls.

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Things are heating up between China and the US. Here’s why

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