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This is how a red state capital has fallen


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Democrats are obsessed with Trump impeachment

Nancy Pelosi
Image Source: Redstate

No, this isn’t an article from last year. Democrats are again talking about impeaching Trump after what happened at the Capitol Building this week.

Nancy Pelosi claims that Trump plans to use nuclear weapons to start a world war before leaving office, hence the need to impeach him immediately. She’s so convinced of this theory that she’s already talked to the Joint Chiefs of Staff about it.

The plan is to introduce the bill on Monday, just a week before Biden’s inauguration. But the problem is that only half of the House Democratic caucus has signed on to the bill. And for a good reason: there’s no way this thing gets through the Senate.

Most people are ready to move forward, but Democrats want to beat a dead horse for publicity and political points.

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This is how a red state capital has fallen

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Everyday America

Neighbors are helping keep this family farm alive

Neighbors are helping keep this family farm alive

Image Source: Laughing Stock Farm/Facebook

A Maine farm that made organic produce for vendors across the state was about to shut down thanks to the pandemic when neighbors decided to lend a helping hand.

Laughing Stock Farm originally started on just one-fifth of an acre but quickly ballooned to over twelve thanks to their sudden success. Restaurants from the area bought the farm’s organic produce in truck fulls. But when the pandemic forced many of those restaurants to close their doors, Laughing Stock’s business dried up.

So, the owners decided to set up a small produce stand as a last-ditch effort to stay financially solvent. When their neighbors found out, people showed up in droves to support the farm.

If you want to see how the rest of this heartwarming story turned out, you can check it out here!

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