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Trump just declassified these FBI documents


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This is how Yellen is already contradicting herself

Janet Yellen
Image Source: Fox Business

Back in 2014, Janet Yellen backed a report that warned raising the federal wage to $10 would kill half a million jobs. But during her recent testimony before Congress, Yellen claimed that a $15 minimum wage would result in “minimal” job losses.

“I think that the likely impact on jobs is minimal,” Yellen said. “That’s my reading of the research.”

So what changed? Well, the economics of the situation are the same, but the political climate has shifted. We’ve seen a liberal sweep across the federal government, so we’re going to have to deal with a big push for more government from the left.

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour will cost jobs, close small businesses, and raise prices across the board. That’s the simple math of it all.

Liberals have a history of suffering amnesia when it suits their needs, so prepare for more contradictions and hypocrisy once Biden gets to work.

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Trump just declassified these FBI documents

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Are you prepared for this incoming blow to your wealth?

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When the governor of California saw the spike in COVID hospitalizations, he panicked. 

He locked down nearly the entire state.
And he dealt a death blow to tens of thousands of businesses in the nation’s richest state. 

Now, other states are sliding down the same path. 

This is not just the second wave of the pandemic. It’s also the second wave of the pandemic depression. 

The good news is that we have a way to help you protect your portfolio.

Everyday America

How this teen saved his family from a house fire

The resulting damage from the house fire
Image Source: WPTZ Plattsburgh-Burlington

A Texas family is lucky to be alive after a massive fire destroyed their home. The family had lost their sense of smell due to the pandemic and could not smell the smoke.

But 17-year-old Bianca Rivera, who didn’t have the virus, smelled burning plastic and discovered the home ablaze. She quickly worked to save her other family members and pets.

“This family is lucky to be alive,” the Waco Fire Department tweeted. 

“Honestly, it was just me protecting my family and getting them to (safety). It didn’t matter to me if I was going to get hurt or I was going to get burned as long as I got them out safe and sound, I was going to be fine,” said Rivera.

While Rivera doesn’t consider herself a hero, she truly is.

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