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Trump To Defense Team: Just Be Honest


January 25, 2020

Daily DC Insider

Trump To Defense Team: Just Be Honest

On Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” President Trump said that his defense team in the Senate impeachment trial just has to “be honest” in arguing their case.

Trump called the proceedings a “fraud” and lambasted Democrats for wasting the time of the American people. 

“What my people have to do is just be honest, just tell the truth,” said Trump 

Trump also called out Democrats who claim that his impeachment has nothing to do with Hunter Biden and his connections in Ukraine. 

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White House Watch


Yang Calls Out DNC For Refusing Fox DebateDemocratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang openly criticized the DNC for refusing to allow Fox News to host any of its presidential primary debates.

“One thing I think Democrats should do: I think we should go on Fox News and talk to the American people because how can you win an election and bring the people together when you won’t talk to 40 or 50 percent of the population?” said Yang.

While Democrats claim to be the party of tolerance, in reality they don’t care about the average, hardworking folks who happen to be conservative.

For liberals, it isn’t about sharing a message to the masses – it’s about firing up their base.

What do you think? Should the Democrats allow Fox News to host a debate?


Financial Watch 

Five hundred miles outside of Silicon Valley…

This tiny company — trading under a code name — is about to unleash a radical, new $12 trillion technology.

Mark my words…

Fortunes will be made.

BlackRock, JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank — to name just a few — have all started quietly scooping up shares.

Because they recognize the extraordinary potential here, as I do.

This stock may never be this cheap again. Now is the perfect time to grab as many shares as possible.

Spin Control

Nadler: Trump Will Become Dictator If Not Removed

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) told senators during Trump’s impeachment trial on Friday that if they didn’t remove Trump from office, he would become a “dictator.”

Nadler claims that acquitting Trump would remove all restraints and grant him unprecedented power.

As usual, Democrats have nothing of substance to use against the President, so they resort to fear-mongering in hopes that the few Americans watching the trial will buy it.

Democrats have been labeling Trump a dictator since day one. In typical liberal form, their plan simply consists of rinse, lather, repeat when it comes to throwing accusations at Trump.

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Everyday America


Kentucky Woman Reunited With Dog After 2 Years

A Kentucky woman was amazingly reunited with her dog after being separated for more than two years.

Rebecca Bien’s dog, Emmy Lou Harris went missing in 2017. Shortly after, Bien created a Facebook page called “Help Find Emmy Lou Harris,” which was dedicated to tracking down the border collie mix.

After numerous leads and years of searching Bien was still unsuccessful.

It wasn’t until recently that Bien’s efforts finally paid off – over two years later.

Check out the full story below to learn how Bien and her dog Emmy Lou Harris were reunited:FULL STORY

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