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Twitter still refuses to take down any violent left-leaning tweets


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Will the Democrats turn the United States into another Venezuela?

Will the Democrats turn the United States into another Venezuela?
Image Source: The New American

Venezuela was once an oil-rich nation that could have lifted its people out of poverty and become a shining example of progress and development in Latin America. It was a vibrant democracy that had everything going for it.

But it took just ten years to destroy all of that and turn the country into a crumbling shell of its former self. And if Americans aren’t careful, the same will happen to us.

Progressive ideas sound great on paper, but they always come at a steep price tag both financially and philosophically. As liberals make inroads into our system of government, too many Americans become complacent with the changes.

And that’s how socialists sink their claws into Democracy. They always argue they’re here to help the poor and struggling, all while crushing the middle class into oblivion. Americans need to ask themselves: are we headed in the right direction?

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Twitter still refuses to take down any violent left-leaning tweets

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Everyday America

This Marine vet is helping other veterans become college graduates

Jessica Nelson
Image Source: Clarion Ledger

After a couple of years in college, Jessica Nelson decided to drop out and serve her country. She enlisted with the Marines and served for five years, helping fellow Marines navigate in enemy territory. After she left the military, Nelson went back and finished her degree.

Now, Jessica is helping other veterans transition from military life and become scholars in the civilian world. As a board member of the Warrior-Scholar Project, Nelson gets to work alongside fellow veterans in their pursuit of higher education. 

“It’s pretty humbling they think I can work alongside people of that caliber,” Nelson said.

Check out Jessica Nelson’s full story here!

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