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What in the world happened to Romney?


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Things continue to get worse for Andrew Cuomo

Things continue to get worse for Andrew Cuomo
Image Source: The Blaze

A third woman has now gone public with claims that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed her and made unwanted advances toward her. And this time, the accuser says she has pictures.

Anna Ruch, a former Obama administration employee and a staffer for the Biden 2020 campaign, says that Andrew Cuomo treated her inappropriately during a wedding in 2019.

Ruch is now the third woman in the past week to bring accusations against the New York governor. And despite the attention that the #metoo movement has put on sexual harassment, many of the most vocal liberals have basically remained silent on the Cuomo issue.

Have we forgotten what happened with Brett Kavanaugh? There were no calls from the left to allow him due process amid the allegations. But Cuomo is allowed that courtesy. It’s ridiculous that it took this long for Cuomo to get caught, but his cronies and the media covered for him the entire time.

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Everyday America

This man started a charity to help carjacking victims in Chicago

This man started a charity to help carjacking victims in Chicago
Image Source: CBS News

Jermaine Jordan’s been carjacked three times. That’s three times too many for the average person. But carjacking is becoming commonplace in Chicago as the crime has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic.

And that’s why Jordan decided to do something about it and help out victims of carjacking in his area. Jordan gives away cars to those who had their vehicles stolen. He pays for them with his own money and funds he’s able to raise online.

“I think Jermaine is like an angel … Yeah, that’s what I consider him — an angel,” said one individual as they drove away with a free car after becoming a victim of carjacking.

Jordan says all he wanted to do was help people who had experienced the trauma of getting carjacked.

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