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World War II vet takes to the skies to celebrate his birthday


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Is the Durham investigation closing without indictments?

John Durham

Image Source: AP Photo/Bob Child

It seems like what many suspected about the Durham investigation has come true: Durham ran out the clock, and no one will be held accountable for corruption.

According to insiders, Durham’s team is worried that an incoming Biden administration would retaliate against indictments brought against anyone in the investigation. 

What’s frustrating is that Durham had an open and shut case against many suspects who confessed to lying to the FBI. Yet, nothing happened.

We were told to trust the process, and the process, yet again, failed us.

And if you expect anything to change under Joe Biden, you’re fooling yourself.

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Everyday American

World War II vet takes to the skies to celebrate his birthday

Harry Moyer
Image Source: CBS News

A few days ago, California pilot Harry Moyer climbed into his 1964 Mooney MK21 and flew a couple of laps around the airport, tipping his wings to the 80 or so people on the ground watching him.

But this was no ordinary flight, as this one marked the World War II veteran’s 100th birthday.

Moyer joined the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1942 and flew combat missions in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy before going to China. After the war, he became a P–40 flight instructor for the U.S. Army in New Mexico and bought his Mooney in 1976. He’s been actively flying ever since.

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