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What happens if the Biden administration misses this looming deadline?


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The government report on the origins of the pandemic is finally here

Virology lab in China
Image Source: Newsmax

According to the White House, the government report on the origins of the coronavirus pandemic will be ready by today’s headline. But us regular folk will have to wait a few more days for the unclassified version.

That means we should expect a heavily redacted version to protect US intelligence procedures. But at least we now have a report.

Joe Biden ordered the report after a bi-partisan push from Congress. People from both sides of the political aisle realized that we could no longer ignore the lab leak theory of the virus’ origin.

With Americans’ trust of the government at a new low thanks to the Afghanistan debacle, the report needs to shed new light on where the virus came from if Biden expects the public to take the information seriously.

Will we finally get the truth about the pandemic, or will the government sweep the details under the rug yet again? We should know in a few days.

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