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Lizards on treadmills? Government spending is out of control

Daily DC Insider Six GOP senators sided with Democrats on January 6th commission bill

Senate Republicans just flexed their muscles in a big way

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The secret the Clinton administration has been hiding for years

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Daily DC Insider Today is a critical day for the future of the filibuster

Is the White House supporting terrorism?

Daily DC Insider Biden shuts down investigation into Chinese virus lab. What is he hiding?

Did AOC really just say that about January 6th?

Daily DC Insider Obama's former CIA chief just dropped a truth bomb on the left

Did Trump just confirm his intentions for 2024?

Daily DC Insider Donald Trump is ready to return to the campaign trail

Will this save Biden’s infrastructure bill?

Daily DC Insider The White House is desperately trying to keep Biden's infrastructure bill alive

This Republican has a brilliant idea for forcing Harris to visit the border

Daily DC Insider The January 6th commission isn't about the truth Image Source:...

With this vote, House Democrats officially support terrorism

Daily DC Insider Biden continues to snub US ally Israel as they fight Hamas