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Senate Republicans just flexed their muscles in a big way


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Senate Republicans just killed the January 6th commission bill

Trump supporters gather in front of the Capitol
Image Source: Jon Cherry

Senate Republicans pulled out their first filibuster since President Joe Biden took office, forcing a multi-hour, midnight session debating the establishment of a January 6th commission.

The GOP killed the bill, much to the chagrin of Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats.

“If our Republican friends vote against this, I would ask them, ‘what are you afraid of? The truth?’,” warned Schumer late last week.

The bill was defeated 54 to 35, receiving just six Republican votes instead of the ten required to pass the Senate’s 60-vote threshold to open debate.

The bill would have created a commission to investigate the January 6th Capitol riot, but many opponents labeled the effort a waste of time and government resources.

 Some Republicans, however, voiced support for the investigation, arguing Congress needed to make sure nothing like the riot ever happens again at the Capitol.

But with the bill now defeated, some political pundits believe the GOP handed Democrats ammunition to kill the Senate filibuster.

Though Republicans were successful in stopping the commission bill, Democrats claim an investigation will still happen even without Republican support.

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Everyday America

This young man’s work ethic is helping others just like him

Youngman sitting in a UPS truck
Image Source: UPS

Hard work isn’t a foreign concept for Jake Pratt. The 22-year-old with Down syndrome from Vestavia Hills, Alabama, worked hard in school, played football, completed college, and applied for a temporary position at the Birmingham UPS facility.

“Working with Jake is awesome. He brings the right amount of energy and determination to get the job done,” said Wilson. “He’s very motivated, and he’s also made a difference in my life,” says Pratt’s work partner Richard Wilson.

Pratt learned in April that he had been hired as a full-time employee at UPS. His team donated a contribution to the non-profit Down Syndrome of Alabama to commemorate the new job.

The gift kickstarted the establishment of the Jake Pratt Fund, a scholarship to assist individuals in the same situation as Pratt.

If you have uplifting and heart-warming stories from your local area that exemplify everyday America, be sure to let us know. We just might include it in our next edition!

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