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Here’s the real reason why Democrats are pushing hard to pass Biden’s infrastructure bill


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Are Mexican drug cartels terrorist groups? This governor thinks so

Texas Governor Greg Abbot
Image Source: KPRC

While they may not fit the traditional definition of the word, Texas Governor Greg Abbot says Joe Biden needs to label Mexican drug cartels as terrorist groups.

“As Governor of Texas, I urge you to take immediate action to combat the dangerous and deadly Mexican drug cartels. These cartels bring terror into our communities. They smuggle narcotics and weapons into the United States to fund their illegal enterprises,” wrote Abbott in a letter to the president.

Abbott is all too familiar with the ruthlessness of the drug cartels operating within his state. Last month, he launched “Operation Lone Star” to stop the cartels from smuggling drugs and people into Texas. And he had good reason, as Biden has ignored the border crisis since taking office.

Abbott has been a vocal critic of Biden since the beginning and one of the few politicians to have the guts to firmly push back against the Biden administration’s failing immigration policies. I doubt Biden will respond to Abbott’s letter, but at least the governor is trying – unlike our president.

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Here’s the real reason why Democrats are pushing hard to pass Biden’s infrastructure bill

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Everyday America

How people on the internet helped to find a missing hiker

Hiker's photo
Image Source: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

A missing hiker has been found safe in California — and officials credited his rescue in part to one man who recognized the hiker’s photo.

When Rene Compean was reported missing Monday afternoon, rescue teams immediately launched a search in the Mt. Waterman area. They searched through the night with no luck.

Compean texted a friend a photo of his location, said he was lost, and that his phone was dying. But Compean didn’t have his phone’s GPS turned on, so rescuers were unable to get a fix on his location from the photo’s data.

The local sheriff’s office asked for help from the internet and local media, posting the picture everywhere they could. Thankfully, an avid hiker of the Angeles National Forest saw the photo on the internet and told authorities the location. Compean was found safe and returned home, all thanks to the internet!

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