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A federal judge just turned US immigration law on its head


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President Joe Biden is unfit to lead our nation

Joe Biden giving a speech
Image Source: AP Photo / Evan Vucci

The complete mishandling of the military exit from Afghanistan has proven that Joe Biden is not fit to lead our nation.

If this happened under Trump’s watch, he’d be facing a third impeachment and would probably have ended up as the first President to be removed from office. That’s because plenty of Republicans would have been just as angry with him as Democrats.

And as more Democrats come forward to criticize Biden and his administration for what happened in Kabul, it’s clear that he doesn’t have what it takes to make tough decisions that impact the entire world.

While some try to place the blame on his advisors and staff members, we have to remember what Biden said: the buck stops with him.

No amount of excuse-making can change the fact that he’s been president for seven months. He doesn’t have the luxury of blaming Trump any longer.

The world is laughing at us right now, and it’s because of Joe Biden’s inability to lead the United States.

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A federal judge just turned US immigration law on its head

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