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Joe Biden just admitted to being an insurrectionist


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How the left is gaslighting all of America

How the left is gaslighting all of America
Image Source: Lenora Thompson

Liberals are working hard to erase every trace of Donald Trump from the history books.

It’s a collective effort at gaslighting the American people. Keep repeating a lie for long enough, and people who know it’s a lie start to question their sanity.

Of course, years from now, people will remember the Trump administration and everything that happened during it but will be told they’re mistaken. Eventually, we’ll have an entire generation that’s taught a different version of history.

Biden already went to work erasing, trying to undo everything that Trump did while he was in office. Remember that giant stack of executive orders?

And he’ll continue to do it. And even if he’s not sure what he’s doing, the puppet masters pulling his strings will make sure he keeps signing those orders as fast as possible.

Why do you think they impeached him twice and failed to convict him? They want to ban him from public office so he’ll never influence American politics again.

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Joe Biden just admitted to being an insurrectionist

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Everyday America

This 92-year-old hero works hard to help his neighbors

Leroy Kostka
Image Source: Sunny Skyz

A 92-year-old Arkansas man is helping his neighbors by shoveling snow from their driveways.

Leroy Kostka was out shoveling snow in his neighborhood when it was only three degrees outside. Leroy, a World War II Air Force veteran, is beloved by his neighbors who say that he’s always willing to help without having to be asked.

“As people watch Leroy and Anni do things for other people, a younger generation witnesses and learns how to build community,” said one of Kostka’s neighbors.

Now that’s how to be a good neighbor!

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