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Reporters caught making these comments about Biden…


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Texas is ready to build the border wall. Here’s how it could happen

Texas Governor Greg Abbott
Image Source: Fox News

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas said on Tuesday that his administration will seek public donations to help build his proposed border wall in the state.

“I will also be providing a link that you can click on and go to, for everybody in the United States, everybody in the entire world who wants to help Texas build a border wall, there will be a place on there where they can contribute to Texas building the border wall,” said Abbott during an appearance on a conservative podcast.

Abbott made it clear that many of the locations near the US-Mexico border have become like third-world countries due to the increased danger and lawlessness created by the federal government.

“The Biden administration could care less about these people who are going through this tragedy. Somebody has to step up for these people,” added Abbott.

Will Abbott’s plan actually work?

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Everyday America

This dog is a hero after saving owner from snake

A picture of Marley, the hero Labrador Retriever
Image Source: Today

Marley, a 7-year-old Labrador retriever who intervened during a rattlesnake attack, selflessly saved his owner’s life.

Rattlesnake encounters are fairly common in Southern California, and just one bite can be deadly.

Alex Loredo of San Diego was doing laundry in his family’s detached laundry room when he suddenly heard a rattlesnake under a nearby table. The snake was ready to attack Loredo, who didn’t know what to do. 

“It was really loud,” said Loredo of the snake.

That’s when Marley jumped in and saved the day. Loredo’s best friend didn’t escape the encounter unscathed, though. Check out the full story of the hero dog Marley!

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