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Ted Cruz: what is Joe Biden trying to hide?


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This Texas mayor, blindsided by migrant relocation, rips Joe Biden

Border patrol agent talking with immigrant families
Image Source: PBS

Mayor Patrick Payton of Midland, Texas, is ripping the Biden administration for relocating immigrants to a holding facility in the town with no warning.

“We found out about this facility on Sunday, and by 11:30 Sunday night, they started shipping people into that facility. We were not contacted. Nobody contacted the mayor’s office or the county judge’s office,” said Payton during an interview. “I would tell him [Biden] to get control. I would tell him to understand what their policies and priorities are unleashing on this country.”

The situation at the US-Mexico border has devolved into utter chaos as a massive influx of immigrants threatens to break an already fragile and mismanaged system.

For all the hate Trump got for building a wall and enforcing immigration laws, he definitely had better control of the situation than Joe Biden does.

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Everyday America

This airline went to infinity and beyond to help a little boy

Buzz outside with a Southwest plane behind him
Image Source: Southwest Airlines

A young flyer named Hagen was recently traveling with his family to Dallas for a funeral. When they landed, he forgot to take his Buzz Lightyear toy with him. Hagen didn’t even realize Buzz was gone until the family was in their rental car.

A Southwest employee named Jason found Buzz when the plane shut down for the night. Thanks to some clever thinking from the staff, they were able to match Hagan’s name written on Buzz’s foot to his family’s tickets.

That’s when Southwest Airlines staff jumped into action to make sure Hagen was reunited with his Buzz Lightyear action figure!

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