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The fascinating details about ‘shy’ Trump voters


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The fascinating details about ‘shy’ Trump voters

In 2016, the vast majority of polling models showed Clinton beating Trump with a substantial margin. We now know that those predictions were wrong.

There have been legitimate theories that show many polls tend to over-sample Democratic voters, leading to numbers that favor the Democratic candidate.

We also know that Trump’s voter enthusiasm is off the charts compared to the levels of excitement for Joe Biden.

But one element of polling that is often neglected is that of the ‘shy’ Trump voter – people who plan to vote for President Trump but are afraid to respond honestly when included in a poll.

There’s evidence that a substantial number of voters polled are shy Trump voters, based on how respondents handled a question about who they believed their neighbors would support.

If the shy Trump voters stick to their convictions in November, we’ll see 2016 unfold all over again.

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