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Trump set to make this announcement about 2024


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Trump set to make announcement about potential 2024 run

Donald Trump giving two thumbs up
Image Source: Alex Brandon

Donald Trump recently told Newsmax that he’ll make an “announcement” about 2024 “in the not-too-distant future.”

“I’ll be making an announcement in the not-too-distant future. Right now, I’m helping a lot of people get into office, and we’re fighting the deep state, and we’re fighting [the] radical left. They’re after me. They’re after Rudy [Giuliani],” said Trump.

When asked if he believes President Joe Biden would lose in 2024, Trump responded by comparing the Biden administration to the Carter presidency. He pointed out that rising inflation is always a bad sign for a president. Current inflation will “top” the levels seen under President Jimmy Carter, according to Trump.

“We’re going to top those numbers, so we’re going to come pretty close to topping those. Now look, we’re in for a period where lumber costs you twice as much now, where, you know, when I left, it was $1.87 a gallon for gasoline, $1.87, now it’s $3.50,” added Trump.

So stay tuned for a big announcement from Trump about his plans for 2024!

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Gold is in Trouble

This is nuts…

Not only is China testing new digital currency wallets…

Not only did its biggest banks ban gold…

But the country also just pulled the rug out from under the biggest IPO in history… a fintech that threatened Beijing’s financial firepower.

What’s happening around the world is scary…

The rules of money are quickly being rewritten.

But it could get worse… much worse.

I say it’s big trouble.

I’ve outlined what’s happening…and what you can do right now to get prepared.

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Everyday America

A couple from Montana saves a horse from drowning in a river

A man with horses along a riverbank
Image Source: Associated Press

On Father’s Day, a western Montana couple saved a horse from drowning in the Bitterroot River.

On Sunday, Matthew and Christina Eickholt of Hamilton were floating down the river with Matthew’s parents at Victor’s Bell Crossing when they spotted some splashing near the shoreline.

They quickly discovered it was a horse trying to get out of the river on a steep bank while battling the current. The Eickholts moved to a shallower section of the river immediately downstream of the horse.

“We started clapping and yelling,” said Matthew. “We were able to coax him to come downstream. When he saw us, I think he knew we were there to help him. Once he got to us, he was able to pull himself out of there.”

The Eickholts have yet to discover who owns the horses.

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