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North Korea Threatens “Christmas Surprise”


December 24, 2019

Daily DC Insider

North Korea Threatens “Christmas Surprise”

American officials are on alert for the possibility of a missile launch from North Korea this week that military leaders have referred to as a “Christmas gift” from Kim Jong Un.

A few weeks ago, North Korea conducted what intelligence officials say was an engine test, possibly for a long-range missile.

There’s no word on the estimated range for the said missile.

The Trump administration has worked to resolve the ongoing tensions between the US and North Korea, but Kim Jong Un’s erratic behavior has made that difficult.

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White House Watch


Trump Admin Investigates Ban on Christmas Decor at HUD Complex

The Trump administration is investigating the property management company of a Missouri retirement development for banning Christmas lights and yard displays.

According to a report, the company, MACO Management, banned all residents from decorating the exterior of their duplexes with Christmas lights, yard displays, and even wreaths.

“Nothing in Federal regulations, the lease agreement or residential regulations supports such a ban. MACO Management Company must allow residents to decorate their duplexes, just like they have in the past,” said Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel chairman, a nonprofit looking into the matter.

What do you think? Should residents be able to put up Christmas decorations in government-subsidized housing?

Yes or No?

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Financial Watch 

Something big is happening in America… and almost no one is paying attention.

A completely misunderstood asset is transforming our world… and making people rich (Barron’s estimates at least 20,000 people).

And get this: If you bought and held this asset over any 4-year period, since 2010… the SMALLEST gains you would have potentially seen would have been a whopping 400%. Even if you bought it on the worst day possible!

But that’s only the beginning of the story… it’s actually much bigger than all of that.

One of the smartest and richest men I’ve ever known has produced a simple analysis that explains the full story.

I promise you’ve never seen these ideas, concepts, facts, and figures, discussed anywhere else. That’s because there’s simply no one in the financial world who thinks like Porter Stansberry. He is truly one of a kind.

Take a few minutes to see Porter’s latest incredible analysis, right here…

Spin Control

Dems Considering Adding More Impeachment Articles

In a bizarre twist, a lawyer for the House Judiciary Committee Democrats has filed a brief with the DC Court of Appeals, asking that White House Counsel Don McGahn be compelled to testify.

The problem is that the inquiry has long closed up shop, and the articles of impeachment have already passed.

According to House Democrats, the brief was filed because they’re contemplating more articles of impeachment against Trump.

It seems like Democrats really want to give away the 2020 election, or they’re honestly that out of touch with everyday America.Read More

Everyday America


Man Pays Utility Bills For 36 Families About To Lose Heat Over The Holidays

Many years ago, when Mike Esmond was raising his family, he struggled to pay the heating bill.

One winter, during record cold, their gas was shut off and the family of five was stuck without heat.

Now, Esmond wants to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to anyone else.

The now 73-year-old Floridian is a successful business owner, able to take care of his own family and use his circumstances to be generous to others.

Esmond asked his local utility office to supply a list of everyone who was scheduled to have their heat turned off by December 26th. A total of 36 families were on the list, and Esmond paid off the accounts for all of them.

You can read the rest of the awesome story below:

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