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A new way for conservatives to win

Today I’m dropping the second video in my short interview series with the legendary Carter Clews. If you missed the first one, check it out here. You’re going to want to watch it before jumping into today’s video! 

With his decades of work shining a light on the inner workings of Washington DC, Carter knows a thing or two about how our country works. And as a staunch conservative, he wants to make sure other conservatives know the truth about their government.

This is so important that I’m posting it as the main article in today’s edition. Things are rapidly changing in our country and it’s time that we, as conservatives, work together to build a better future.

That’s why I sat down with Carter to talk about one of the biggest issues that many conservative voters overlook in their everyday lives. While voting and holding our government accountable are worthy endeavors, there’s one thing that could really boost our ability to stand on our own feet!

Find out what Carter and his friend, Tim Melvin, have in mind for hardworking, conservative people like you by watching my interview! It’s always a pleasure speaking with these guys, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy what they have to say.

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Everyday America

Why Ted Cruz is calling out Biden’s State Department

Ted Cruz
Image Source: Fox News

People are protesting in Cuba against the country’s communist regime like never before, but the Biden administration is getting called out for its silly take on the subject.

As the protests began, the US State Department assured Americans that the communist government in Cuba was working hard to protect the free speech rights of its citizens.

As reports came out that the government was violently cracking down on the demonstrations, some people took the time to point out how wrong the administration had been.

Senator Ted Cruz ripped the Biden government over its ridiculous assertion that Cuba’s communists were the good kind of communists (as if such a thing even exists).

“How is this possible??” tweeted Cruz in response to an article revealing the harsh measures the Cuban socialist dictatorship is taking against its citizens. “The Biden State Dept told us that the Cuban communist dictatorship protects their ‘right to peaceful assembly’?”

Indeed. How is it possible to protect the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances by dragging away “free” citizens as they protest?

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