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Biden Claims He “Became A Professor,” Never Taught A Class


February 28, 2020


Spin Control

Biden Claims He “Became A Professor,” Never Taught A Class


Biden has made yet another odd claim, arguing that he became a professor after leaving the White House, but records show that he never taught a class at the university that hired him.

As a matter of fact, both students and faculty were confused as to what exactly Biden was hired to do.

In 2017, the University of Pennsylvania hired Biden as the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor. Comments from university leadership at the time, however, made it clear that they never expected Biden ever to teach a class.

Even a spokesperson for Biden said, “He will not be teaching classes.”

The Daily Pennsylvanian went so far as to run an article with the headline, “No One Is Really Sure What Joe Biden Will Be Doing At Penn.”

Some students claimed that the university was paying Biden “to essentially do nothing but sporadically show his face on campus.”

Biden’s comment comes on the heels of multiple half-truths and bizarre misstatements he’s made while on the campaign trail.

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