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Biden’s blunder is another black eye for the US


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Biden’s handling of Afghanistan is a spectacular fail

Joe Biden
Image Source: Fox News

I’ll give Joe Biden some credit. I don’t think anyone had any idea that he’d one-up Jimmy Carter or Gerald Ford on their foreign policy failures. But here we are, with one of the biggest blunders in US history.

Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban in a matter of weeks. The international spectacle was so shocking that it took most world leaders by surprise. And the scramble to get US forces, diplomats, and pro-US civilians out of Afghanistan has people calling this fiasco Saigon 2.0 (if you’re too young to remember that, read up on what happened here).

It’s so bad that even fellow Democrats are lashing out at Biden for completely messing up the drawdown of America’s longest war. We might as well start calling him Jimmy Ford at this point.

Remember when Biden claimed during the 2020 debates that he was the clear choice for President because of all his foreign policy experience?

If this is the result of all that experience, then America and our allies are doomed.

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