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Buttigieg Bolts To The Front Of The Pack


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Buttigieg Bolts To The Front Of The Pack

The latest poll out of Iowa shows Pete Buttigieg claiming the top spot amongst the Democrats vying to go head-to-head against Trump next year.

The results were surprising, as Biden and Warren have been taking turns at the top of the leader board.

Iowa kicks off the primary and caucus season for Democrats. Results for Iowa will help set a pattern as Democrat voters decide on their candidate of choice.

While Buttigieg’s lead over Biden is within the poll’s margin of error, Buttigieg’s sudden jump is a bit of a shock.

On a side note – there’s no word yet from pundits on how Bloomberg’s late entry into the contest will impact the outcome. In Iowa, at least, Bloomberg is seen as unfavorable by 48% of Democrats.

What do you think? Does Buttigieg have a chance of becoming the Democratic presidential nominee?

Yes or No?

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White House Watch


Pence Promises To Stand With Faith-Based Adoption Agencies

Vice-President Pence commented during a conference that the Trump administration would stand with faith-based organizations to promote adoption in the US.

Pence praised the Trump administration for being the “most pro-adoption administration in American history.”

The vice-president made it clear that faith-based organizations are essential because of their commitment to helping vulnerable and at-risk children.

Pence was speaking at the Administration for Children and Families’ 2019 National Adoption Month Celebration, where he reiterated the president’s commitment to religious liberty and federal support of adoption.

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Spin Control

Hillary Claims People Are Pushing Her To Run Again

Hillary Clinton claims that “a lot of people are pushing hard” for her to run for president in 2020.

Clinton, of course, didn’t elaborate on exactly who those people were, but I know of one person who would love to see her run again.

Clinton made the remarks during an interview with the BBC, where she claimed that beating Trump should be the focus for Democrats, rather than arguing over who should face-off against him.

Somehow, Hillary genuinely believes that she can beat Trump.

Clinton’s comments come while she’s promoting her latest book and after a recent poll of swing states shows Trump beating or closing in on the most likely Democratic candidates.

It also comes on the heels of Bloomberg announcing his late entry into the contest.

All of this points to DNC leadership losing faith in the current crowd of Democrat candidates.

What do you think? Should Clinton jump into the presidential contest again?

Yes or No?

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Everyday America

Super Bright Meteor Caught On Camera

A doorbell video camera caught a meteor streaking across the sky near St. Louis on Monday night.

The flash from the falling rock was so bright that satellites from space detected it as a cluster of lightning bolts. The meteor was visible in eight states!

Check out the incredible footage below!  

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