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Schumer Skewered By Liberals For Saying Nice Things About A Republican


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Liberals Are Eating Their Own. See What Happened To Chuck Schumer After He Praised A Republican…

Liberals are so obsessed with enforcing their viewpoint that they can’t even tolerate words of kindness toward a Republican from one of their own.

Democratic minority senate leader Chuck Schumer praised outgoing Republican Congressman Peter King in a tweet on Monday after King announced he wouldn’t seek reelection in 2020.

Schumer received immediate backlash from liberal pundits, with many claiming that he should be ousted from his position for speaking well of a Republican.

While I’m sure all of us would be happy to see Schumer go, it’s ridiculous that he’s catching flak for being polite to one of his colleagues across the political aisle.

It’s just another sign of the partisan divide that has taken over our political system.

What do you think? Has partisan politics damaged America?

Yes or No ?

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White House Watch


Nikki Haley Accused Tillerson Of Undermining Trump

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, in her new book, dropped a bombshell when she accused former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson of actively working to undermine President Trump.

Trump uneventfully fired Tillerson back in 2018, calling Tillerson “lazy” and “dumb as a rock.”

Tillerson has, of course, disputed Haley’s claims, arguing she wasn’t at the White House enough to see what was happening.

But, given the current atmosphere surrounding the president, it seems like Haley’s assertions are accurate.

Trump has dealt with many White House workers and cabinet members who seem to be trying to sabotage his administration from the inside.

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Spin Control


County Seizes Home Over $8.21 Tax Bill. Fight Goes To State Supreme Court

Michigan State Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein lashed out at the attorney representing Oakland County over a property tax dispute that’s gaining attention for all the wrong reasons.

Oakland County seized the home of Uri Rafaeli’s house over $8.21 in overdue taxes and then pocketed $25,000 after selling it.

Justice Bernstein was incensed at the county’s defense of its actions.

Such stories are becoming more common, however, with some counties and municipalities building entire budgets around seized property.

Such a mentality is a direct result of the liberal worldview that disparages personal property rights and sees citizens as cash cows meant to fund bloated and inefficient bureaucracies.

The issue is troubling when you consider the fact that all of the Democratic candidates for president are proposing far worse policies at the federal level.

And who will these anti-property rights politicians target? Average, hard-working, over-taxed Americans.

Let’s hope the courts get this one right. If not, God help you if you forget to pay a parking ticket. The government might drive off with your car.

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Everyday America

Watch 96-Year-Old Vet Perform National Anthem On Harmonica

96 Year Old WWII Veteran Pete DuPré played the National Anthem on harmonica at a Knicks – Cavaliers game on Sunday.

Wearing a WWII Veteran hat, DuPré delivered the rendition before a packed house at Madison Square Gardens, in honor of Veterans Day.

Check out the heartwarming and patriotic video below:  

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