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Do Democrats just want to watch the world burn?


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Do Democrats just want to watch the world burn?

Our country has been through a lot over the last few months.

From legitimate concerns over race relations and policing, to how our government has handled the coronavirus pandemic – America has had a tough time in 2020.

But one of the most disturbing things to come out of all the chaos is how Democratic leaders of some of the largest cities in America seem content to watch our country burn to the ground.

Opinions on Donald Trump aside, it’s perplexing how anyone would be opposed to the idea of trying to reestablish order as Americans die in their own streets.

Is there any way for the US to unite around the idea of curbing the current surge in violence for the sake of preserving our society?

Can we somehow put aside the constant political and philosophical bickering to realize that we, as Americans, ultimately share the same goal of being the best that we can be as a nation?

Or are we doomed to watch the entire republic go up in flames?

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