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Financial fraud is the norm in California


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Financial fraud is the norm in California

Financial fraud is the norm in California
Image Source:  Twitchy

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that California has become the capital of government-sanctioned financial fraud. And now the problem has spilled over into pandemic fund allocation.

According to a recent report, the state paid out $10 billion in fraudulent pandemic unemployment claims. That’s billion with a B.

One may be tempted to ask how a state government could screw up that badly. But remember, this is California. It might sound like hyperbole, but the corruption in the Golden State is downright criminal. It’s gotten so bad that even ultra-leftwing commentator Bill Maher has viciously ripped the state for its incompetence.

And it may sound partisan to lay this at the feet of Democrats, but the party entirely runs California. Why do you think so many people, including lifelong liberals, are fleeing the state?

Remember, these are the same people that want the government to take over your healthcare. God help us if that ever happens.

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Everyday America

Volunteers remove 5 tons of trash from Tennessee River

Volunteers remove 5 tons of trash from Tennessee River
Image Source: Keep the TN River Beautiful / Facebook

Two dozen volunteers have removed nearly five tons of trash from the Tennessee River in just three days. The cleanup effort was organized by a collaborative program between the Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful initiative and Johnsonville State Historic Park.

Old tires, oil drums, metal scrap, and Styrofoam were pulled from the river in Humphreys County thanks to the volunteers’ dedication.

As the effort gains momentum, the group hopes to continue cleaning the river and save it for future generations.

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