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If Biden sent FEMA to the border, doesn’t that make it an emergency?


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If Biden sent FEMA to the border, doesn’t that make it an emergency?

If Biden sent FEMA to the border, doesn't that make it an emergency?
Image Source: WAFB

Things continue to heat up in the debate over the ongoing immigration crisis, problem, issue, or whatever Biden is calling it.

Republicans, and some Democrats, are getting frustrated over the fact that the White House still refuses to admit that what’s happening at the Us-Mexico border is a crisis.

But in an interesting gotcha moment, Rep. Kat Cammack backed a Biden official into a corner.

During a hearing with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Rep. Kat Cammack pulled a Jedi mind trick on Mayorkas when she asked her to explain what FEMA stood for.

“Federal Emergency Management Administration,” Mayorkas replied. (The “A” in FEMA actually stands for “Agency.”)

“Excellent, so, since FEMA has now deployed to the border, that would stand to reason that there is an emergency on the border, correct?” Cammack shot back.

Now that’s how you hold a congressional hearing!

Maybe the media should take notes because Cammack just showed us how to ask the real hard-hitting questions.

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Everyday America

How this man’s donation has helped thousands of people

How this man's donation has helped thousands of people
Image Source:  FOX News

Thanks to Marcos Perez’s commitment to donating platelets, thousands of lives have been saved.

The Texan has donated his platelets every two weeks for 37 years. Perez was inspired to make such donations because of the life-saving one he got when he was born prematurely.

“If someone was there for me, why can’t I be there for someone else?” said Perez.

Based on the most recent calculations, Perez has helped nearly 3,000 people in his lifetime. And he plans to keep doing it as long as he can.

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