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Impeachment Inquiry Helped Trump Raise $3 Million In 24 Hours


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Impeachment Inquiry Helped Trump Raise $3 Million In 24 Hours

Within 24 hours of the impeachment inquiry going public, supporters have donated over $3 million in small donations to help re-elect Trump in 2020, according to the president’s campaign.

Democrats were warned, even by some within their party, that talk of impeachment would rally Trump’s base.

The fact that the surge in funding came from small donations is essential, as that means the majority of the contributions came from average Americans.

The Democrats’ attempt at impeaching Trump has been financially beneficial to the Trump 2020 campaign.

As Eric Trump put it, “Every single time they do this, we raise a fortune.” Within 72 hours of Pelosi initially announcing the inquiry, the Trump campaign saw a flood of $15 million worth of contributions.

According to Eric Trump, the campaign is seeing a surge of new donors who have never before contributed to the president’s campaign.

What do you think? Will the impeachment attempt continue to benefit Trump’s reelection campaign?

Yes or No? 

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White House Watch


Unprecedented Oval Office Meeting Between Senators and Turkey’s President

President Trump, in an unusual move, invited US Senators to the Oval Office to meet with Turkish President Erdogan so they could express their concerns over Turkey’s latest actions in the Middle East.

While Trump has made it clear that he is dedicated to maintaining direct diplomatic relations with Turkey, he didn’t say he would shelter them from legitimate criticism.

And Trump’s move shows that he means business.

The senators didn’t hold anything back, especially Lindsey Graham, who was reportedly very frank in communicating his displeasure with Turkish policies.

Aides who were present during the meeting described it as a “good cop-bad cop” exchange.

What do you think? Was this a good move on Trump’s part?

Yes or No?

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Worth A Look

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Spin Control

AOC Finally Admits What Impeachment Push Is Truly About

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slipped up and admitted that the Democrats’ push for impeachment was about “preventing a potentially disastrous outcome next year.”

That’s right, folks. The impeachment isn’t about protecting the integrity of the executive branch, as Democrats claim. It’s about preventing Trump from being re-elected in 2020.

AOC’s Freudian slip isn’t just a mental hiccup. She openly proclaimed what the Democrats are saying behind closed doors.

We’re sure Pelosi is just thrilled with this revelation.

Check out the full interview clip below:  

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Everyday America


Texas Husband And Wife Named World’s Oldest Living Couple

Guinness World Records has declared John and Charlotte Henderson as the oldest living couple in the world.

The Austin, Texas couple has a combined 211 years of life. John is 106, while his wife Charlotte is 105.

They’ll also celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary in December.

When asked for their secret to longevity, John joked that it was probably because they never had any kids!

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